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TRITON is a free community where people openly speak about important issues, news and share their opinions.

In our community, you can meet new people who have similar interests to you, share your photos and videos, read and create interesting articles, or just chat.

We allow the publication of any content that does not harm the community, complies with community rules and international human rights standards.
Our main priority is to ensure freedom of expression.

We connect people all over the world by creating simple and convenient communication tools.

We strive for complete freedom and a safe space for the entire TRITON community to communicate.

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TRITON Community Rules and Regulations

We strive to ensure maximum authenticity of the content.
We do not want the community to use the TRITON platform to spread false information about themselves or their activities.
Express your opinion objectively and honestly.

As a member of our community, please observe the following rules:
— You cannot distribute Flood and make unsubstantiated statements about the project and/or project administrators.
— Racism and intimidation are prohibited.
— You can't insult other users of the community.
— You can't pretend to be the administrator of our community.
— Calling for riots is prohibited.
— Any hidden or open call for the creation of totalitarian, religious communities is prohibited.
— You cannot publish prohibited content:

  • pornography
  • drugs
  • weapons
  • violence

We value every member of our community, but in case of violation of our rules, we will be forced to block and delete your account.

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