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The purpose of the TRITON resource is to give users the opportunity to speak freely about issues that are important to them, even if some people disagree with any opinions or consider them controversial.

We allow the publication of any content that does not harm the community and complies with international human rights standards.

Our main priority is to ensure freedom of expression.

Account blocking
— Accounts are suspended due to spam, their forgery or a risk to the security of the TRITON community.
— If we suspect that an account has been hacked or compromised, we can suspend it until it is safe and returned to the owner.
— Offensive content or behavior.
We may suspend an account if we receive a complaint that it violates the TRITON Community Rules regarding Insults.
If a user behaves offensively, sends threats or impersonates another person, we may temporarily or in some cases permanently suspend his account.

How do I cancel account suspension?
— If you think that your account was suspended by mistake, you can get the suspension canceled by writing to us at the official email [email protected] with a detailed explanation of the situation.

Publishing content
— The content may contain photos, GIFs, videos, links and text.

Protection of your personal information
— The amount of information that you share in the TRITON community and on other platforms depends only on you.
Do not publish information that you consider confidential, and be careful when you want to publicly share your location.
— Be attentive to any correspondence in which your personal contact information, confidential information or passwords are requested.
— Different people have different ideas about what information is confidential and what information can be shared.
If your friend or acquaintance has published information that you do not want to disclose, contact them and ask them to delete the content.
Be attentive to the publication of other people's information.
If someone asks you to delete the information published about them, do it.

Violation report
— If someone has published your personal information (for example, your personal phone number, home address, credit card details) and you want to delete it, please read our privacy policy.
If you believe that a user violates our policy, send us a complaint for consideration.
If a user violates our policy, we will temporarily suspend his account until the information is deleted.

Who can see my content?
— Your content is visible to all users, including those who do not have an account.
If you use privacy settings, then your content will be available only to your subscribers.

How do I get account verification?
— A verified account is an account that has been verified and approved by the resource administration.
The user's account must comply with all the rules of the resource and have unique content.
The resource administration verifies the user's account solely at its discretion.

Recommended sizes for design of the account:
— Logo 512x512 px
— Cap 600x200 px
— Format: .jpg .png .gif